Consumer Awareness Programms.

During this year, ‘tapan Foundations (N. G. O.)’ was actively engaged in organizing various consumer awareness programmes. Its social workers organized periodic group meetings in slums and rural areas, and made people aware of their rights as a consumer and various laws enacted by the government to protect them. They explained to them the specific procedure of filing complains in precise terms if they are let down as a customers and the delivery of goods or services has damaged their interests in any manner.
          The organization held three talks on various issues related to Consumer Rights. Apart from speeches & lectures, audio-visuals on consumer’s rights were also shown. Various communication aids such as posters, charts etc. were developed, produced and used for these talks. Apart from other things, the talks covered topics on rights of a consumer, there care should be taken while buying a product. Fair price shops, the role of a consumer court, consumer welfare societies, various laws related to the subject and specific measures for filing a complain in consumer and other courts. Expert Resource Persons were also invited to speak on these subjects.
          Speaking on the occasion, the President of the organization said that the legislative measures taken by any Government to protect the rights of its citizens are not enough. It is also the responsibility of the community to take initiative and protect the rights of its citizens of the same are infringed. Many fair price shops have been opened by the government in various localities where essential commodities are provided to the people at fair prices. Many people go and buy things from these shops. But sometimes the essential commodities are in short supply or the quality of products may not be good enough to satisfy the consumer’s needs.